ClubBuzz is powerful club management system, in this Get Started guide, we're going to show you how to customise, navigate and set up your club site.

This guide assumes that you already have the following:

  • A ClubBuzz site
  • Logged into a Full Access member account
Note: This guide only applies to ClubBuzz 2, if you are on the old verison of ClubBuzz. Please get in touch for a free migration to the new platform


ClubBuzz offers great customisation to give you the ability to make your site unique to your club. In this guide, we're going to show you how to customise your homepage, menu and site appearance

Customising your homepage

  1. Click on Customise
  2. Click Frontpage Sections
  3. Editing the Hero Images and Buttons
    1. Click on Big Title Section
    2. To edit the slide click on the slide and change the necssary options
    3. To add a new slide, click on "Add new Slide" and select the mage, title and other slide options
    4. To remove a slide, click on the slide and click "Delete Field" at the bottom of the slide options
    1. Editing other sections
      1. To enable/disable other front page sections, click on a section and check/uncheck 'Disable this section'
      2. The most common sections to enable are 'Big Title Section', 'About', 'Blog' and 'Contact'
    Learn more about customisation of the home page here

    Customising your menu

    1. Click on Customise
    2. Click on Menus
    3. Click on Head Menu
    4. Drag and Drop the menu items to change their position
    5. To add a child menu, drag a second menu item underneath and indented on the parent item
    6. To edit a menu item, click on the arrow and change the text or delete the item
    Learn more about customisation of the menu here

    Customising your site appearance

    Your pages will all have a header banner at the top, containg the title of the page. You can set this header to either an image or a colour.

    1. Click on Customise
    2. Click on Appearance Settings
    3. Click on Background Image
      • To set an image, click Select Image
      • To set a color, click Header Background then Header Gradient

    ClubBuzz App

    Alongside your club website, ClubBuzz also offers an iOS and Android app to all ClubBuzz clubs.

    Learn more about the ClubBuzz app and it's functionality

    Download the app on your platform of choice:

    Creating your first entries

    Now you're ready to add your club data into your site, we'll take you through the most used features of ClubBuzz, click on the links below to dive into details on how to add the following types of entries

    Adding Members

    Adding Teams

    Adding Matches

    Collecting Payments

    Configuring your contact form

    Your site comes with a contact form, which is really useful for visitors to get in contact with you regarding any queries. To change the email address that these contact emails are sent to:

    1. Click Account
    2. Click Settings
    3. Change the email field
    4. Submit the form

    To see our full list of administrator guides, click here